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We are partnering with local restaurants & community centers to provide meals to isolated seniors, students, frontline workers, anyone experiencing food insecurity during COVID-19 period. For every $15 meal you give, someone is getting a meal plus your favorite local restaurant gets another chance to survive through the pandemic.

In partnership with the ministries: es una buena ayuda en combinacion con el Centro Español de Joliet. Ademas, la comida de Niko’s Pizzeria esta muy sabrosa! Gracias a


Yes it was really good and fast!

John C


“Giveth is a great way to help everyone, recipients, restaurants, and Givers! Looks like the best is yet to come- Glad to Partner with”

Niko Liappas- Niko’s Pizzeria

Thank u, I know she is going to be happy. Oh wow is awesome!”

Bandi L.


“ is a cool concept! Everyone wins with! Givers, Restaurants, and people that receive a gifted meal! Thank you”

Miguel- Jody’s Hot Dogs

“Jerry’s Dogs and More is proud to partner with in bringing much value to recipients, restaurants, and Givers. It’s a Win, Win, Win! Can’t wait for the new features coming!

Jerries Dogs and More

Hi. Yes, all is good. Yes, I Used them! Great Experience. Easy, great food thank you