Our Founder's

Gaurav Kumkar

Giveth, Inc Co-Founder
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Silicon Valley, CA, USA

Mr. Gaurav has been fortunate to apply his technical skills in silicon valley from early stage start-ups to large enterprises, to the following industries online Advertising, Voice recognition, Solar, Security, eCommerce, Telecommunication, Gaming (eSports). The breadth of Mr. Gaurav’s knowledge helps him move easily from business strategy to product initiatives, application roadmaps and dive deep into architecture, design, and process to ensure quality execution & delivery. Mr. Gaurav also has built a successful commercial real estate investment firm known as Majestic Investment Group. Multifamily, Senior living, Self-Storage are some of the commercial asset classes under management.
Mr. Gaurav Kumkar graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with Master of Science in Information Technology—Software Engineering, and in 2002, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, India. He holds certifications in “Tackling the Challenges of Big Data” from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and “AWS Architecting for High Availability” from Amazon Web Services.

Jaime Frausto

Giveth, Inc Co-Founder
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chicago, IL, USA

Mr. Frausto is a serial entrepreneur who owns a time tested service company serving the printing industry nationwide for over 16 years. As a seasoned business professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Frausto realized his potential and his passion for entrepreneurship and he began to notice the advantages of what a cultivated mindset can achieve. As a hands-on leader and fluent in Spanish, Mr. Frausto is an effective communicator and motivator. Mr. Frausto is a lifelong learner committed to staying on top of the best current and emerging business practices. In 2011 Mr. Frausto tried his other passion and dove into real estate and is currently a cash flow model buy-and-hold real estate investor. He currently holds single-family and duplex rentals in his portfolio and is a Limited Partner in the Multi-Family and Residential Assisted living syndications.
Mr. Frausto graduated from the Devry Institute of Technology with a degree in Applied Science in Chicago, IL. Mr. Frausto, like many graduates that start building their young families, realized the lack of financial real-world education that our school system lacks and actively attends real-world money creating education conferences. Mr. Frausto also realized the value of compressing time by attending and Networking with like-minded people and creating win-win relationships. Mr. Frausto currently mentors young adults in financial freedom mindset awareness education.
Married his high school sweetheart and is a proud father of a son who’s a superhero nurse and frontline healthcare worker. As if that wasn’t blessed enough, Mr. Frausto also has an independent-minded successful daughter with a career in finance. Mr. Frausto enjoys golfing and fishing and gets his fair share of that as well. Giving back and uplifting people is his passion and fulfillment.


Veronica Gloria (Advisor)


Veronica Gloria is Executive Director of Spanish Community Center (SCC), a nonprofit that offers bilingual services in Will and Kankakee Counties. Gloria restructured the nonprofit after it was heavily impacted by the state budget crisis. It is now a strong and stable resource for the community. Previously, she worked at University of Chicago and conducted mental health research in Mexico. Gloria serves on the IL Board of Higher Education. She graduated from Harvard University and her parents are from Mexico.

Team Members

Roberto Dominguez  is the Iowa Representative at  An Army Veteran and experienced IT professional with over 29 years in customer service, Roberto held positions as a Technician, Senior Network Administrator, Assistant CTO, and Director of Advancement Services.He has contributed to several other industry successes in private, public, and non for profits organizations.He has an AAS from DeVry University, a BAS from Clarke University, and a master’s degree in Organizational leadership from Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa.In his spare time, he operates a small business and coaches youth sports.