The Story Behind GIVETH

First and foremost, I hope that you, your families, and your friends are staying safe in these very difficult times which we are all experiencing throughout the country, needless to say worldwide. As with most of us, this pandemic has re-shaped many aspects of our everyday lives and has forced us to look deeper within. As in any other diverse and trying times in our lives, we are challenged to re-invent our approach to the situation at hand.
In March of 2020 when Covid-19 continued to spread, and the first restrictive measures started unfolding I felt the need to reach out and help. Restaurants and people who would lose their jobs were the first groups that came to mind, as well as people who wanted to help but didn’t know-how. I asked myself, what is the most impactful and effective way that I can help?

I would like to introduce you to Giveth. Giveth is an online platform in which a “giver” can select his/her registered Service Provider of choice to support (we will start with restaurants for obvious reasons), as well as 3 different groups on the “recipient” end:

  • Registered ministries/community centers (a great way to reach recipients with limited technology).
  • First Come First Serve (to be accessed by any recipient with access to technology, e.g smartphone, etc.).
  • Posting on “giver’s” Facebook timeline (to be accessed by anyone that needs a meal in the giver’s list of friends).

My team and I have put in a relentless amount of time, effort, resources and have self-funded this venture. We cannot wait to learn from our initial soft launch release so that we can bring the gathered information and enhancements into future development. I will continue to always put transparency first. Our vision is to create a platform where all forms of giving are done. To make Giveth into a global brand and everyday type of giving platform community. To Give our way into a society that we know we are capable of. To uplift each other and embrace the mind of abundance. I am looking forward to being of service with our innovative Giveth platform. To bring much-needed value to our communities throughout the country.

Jaime Frausto
CEO Giveth Inc.

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