Tacobout fun GIVETHAWAYS

Congrats to our Giveth-Away winners Karen & DeAnna (pictured). Our long and anticipated Taco-box giveaway was on February 20th. We had 1 winner, but thanks to Niko from Niko’s Pizzeria we were able to givethaway two boxes with his donation of the 2nd box. What a fun way to change up the traditional email and … Read more

The Story Behind GIVETH

First and foremost, I hope that you, your families, and your friends are staying safe in these very difficult times which we are all experiencing throughout the country, needless to say worldwide. As with most of us, this pandemic has re-shaped many aspects of our everyday lives and has forced us to look deeper within. … Read more

Giveth’s Vision and Values

Giveth believes that in order to transform an individual that is currently living in despair, society must create an uplifting, hand-up style of assistance. The core values and the unique model will help accomplish this transformation by creating a culture in which individualization, uniqueness, and empathy along with a non-egotistical business culture exist. Giveth will … Read more

Safety Net For Frontline Workers

We know how generous our community is and with the latest surge of COVID-19 coinciding with a season of giving, we want to share an idea of how you can safely show your appreciation to healthcare workers We have partnered with various local restaurants and organizations to provide delicious meals to our healthcare workers. For … Read more

Giveth’s Mission

The mission is to help transform people from their current state of despair to self-worth, confident individual. Doing this in a most efficient way by connecting the Giver, Service Provider, Recipient in a streamlined platform while creating a WIN WIN WIN outcome! Our goal is to create an everyday use type of platform that will … Read more