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About Giveth

Giveth is a platform where Givers can support individuals and businesses in their area by purchasing a meal or other services that they can gift back to their community! At Giveth, we help to provide an innovative, straightforward, and accessible way to uplift people from all walks of life. Givers can take comfort in knowing they are making a direct impact in their community with the power of Giveth!

The Story Behind GIVETH

First and foremost, I hope that you, your families, and your friends are staying safe in these challenging times. This pandemic has re-shaped many aspects of our everyday lives and has forced us to look deeper within. In March of 2020, when Covid-19 continued to spread, and the first restrictive measures started unfolding, I felt the need to reach out and help. Restaurants, people who would lose their jobs, and people who wanted to help but didn't know-how were the groups that came to mind. I asked myself, what is the most impactful and effective way that I can be of service? is an online platform in which givers, recipients, and Service Providers can come together in a streamlined three-step process. Step one: Select the amount to give. Step Two: Select Service Provider. Step three: Select the form of delivering the Giveth Gift Code (GGC).
My team and I have put in a relentless amount of time, effort, and resources. Since our soft launch in December 2020 in Joliet, IL, and Dubuque, IA, we have learned a tremendous amount. Our vision is to create a giving platform where all forms of giving can be done. To make Giveth into a global brand and everyday type of giving platform community. To promote gifting, sharing, and uplift each other. I am looking forward to being of service with our innovative platform and bringing much-needed value to our communities throughout the country.

Jaime Frausto CEO Giveth Inc.

Giveth’s Mission

Our mission at Giveth is to pioneer the way for people to provide relief in their community in one streamlined giving and receiving platform that can be used every day by anyone! Our goal is to help connect Givers with a way to give meals that will empower their recipients while also supporting local businesses in the process. Our business model is created to be a win-win-win for all parties involved in the Giveth giving process.

Giveth’s Vision and Values

Giveth believes that in order to transform an individual or community, society must provide uplifting and accessible solutions. We believe our unique giving model will help accomplish this movement through our core values of transparency of giving, accountability, integrity, and empathy within a non-egotistical business culture. Giveth provides participants with a user-friendly and progressive app that anyone can use. Whether users want to send a Giveth Gift Code (GGC) to help a community center relieve food insecurity, give a well-deserved meal to an essential worker, or treat a friend, Giveth allows everyone to make a difference! Giveth also creates a space for local businesses to thrive in the giving arena. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry was amongst many whose livelihood was decimated during those unprecedented times. Now, restaurants can benefit from Giveth’s unique giving model of Giveth Gift Codes as well as the increased community recognition.