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How Can You Make A Difference?

Make A Difference

Treat your friends and family or surprise a lucky local with the gift of a good meal! Each meal helps to support a restaurant of your choice by connecting them with hungry patrons in your community. Help spread smiles one snack at a time with Giveth!

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Become one of Giveth’s most beneficial participants by registering as a service provider. Givers can select your restaurant as their provider of choice, assisting in your sales and brand recognition- all while giving the gift of good food!

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Treat yourself to a free meal by claiming a Giveth Gift Code (GGC) from a participating local restaurant! Each Giveth Gift Code is redeemable for one meal. Click below to discover GGCs in your area!

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Ministries and community centers can register with Giveth so Givers can help connect any deserving members of the community with their services. Click below to get started.

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Who We Are

Giveth is a giving-and-receiving platform that connects people with a quick and easy way to gift meals from a variety of participating local restaurants.


Each Giveth Gift Code (GGC) purchased on Giveth is redeemable for one free meal and can be sent to anyone via email, text, or in-app!


Whether you want to treat a family member to a meal, show your appreciation to a friend, reward your employees with lunches, or even aid local community centers in relieving food insecurity, Giveth can make giving easy!


How Giveth Is Changing The Way We Give


At Giveth, we want to make giving the comfort of a good meal easy. Just follow these 4 steps!

  • Choose the restaurant and number of GGCs you would like to give.
  • Pick your recipient- GGCs can be sent to friends, family, coworkers, or to the general public with our First Come-First Serve feature.
  • Select the method to send your GGC. GGCs can be sent by email, text, or in-app. No envelopes or gift cards needed!
  • That's it! Your GGC is on it's way to brighten someone's day with a delicious meal courtesy of you!

Our Impact This Year

We have partnered with local restaurants and community centers to provide meals to our healthcare workers, students and other valued members of our community who needed a break.



Meals Given


Service Providers


Meals Claimed By Recipients/Ministries


Let's Hear From The Community!

“Excelente servicio, atención rápida, no esperaba que la aplicación funcionara si de rápida”


Miguel Angel Rodriguez

“The app was really easy. I was able to download it within 2 min, log into my Apple account and then I was able to redeem the QR code quickly and easily.”

Brittany Guyton

“Thank you Bianca for the food and the help you are giving us! You are always a great person and always help everyone!”


N. Garcia Eliazarras

N. Garcia Eliazarras

Hi I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again. It really warmed my heart to know that there are still people out there who care.

Life has been really rough for my Son and I with no assistance. I pray it will get better soon. I am doing my best to stay healthy with my Diebetis and mental health issues. God bless


Kathryne Hoxworth(Kate)

Glad all worked out and it’s a wonderful company. Feeding the needy is also close to my heart. I feed people all the time at my house mostly single people that help my husband. Just last week a guy called and said hey money is low do you have some food to hold me over. We gathered frozen food and whatever left overs I had and gave him snacks for the week and some drinks, he was truly grateful. You will be rewarded in heaven.


Thank you for starting the company It ‘s a service that is needed in this country today; hopefully, you can expand to more areas in the future.
Best of luck! 

Lori Steinhilber

Our Flagship Service Provider - Restaurants

Soon to follow : Hair Salon, Books, Shoes & Clothing, Gift Cards.

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